Angus Fender Racing


A year later Dad bought me a very used Zip Blade chassis and a Commer engine. We loaded it in the back of our estate car and went to Clay Pigeon. Dad prepared the kart and I drove many laps in the cold and wet that day. Dad made me drive slicks in the wet too. The he made a mistake and the front wheel came away! I hit the tyre wall at the fastest part of the track. I was fine, Dad wasn't though - "We need to join a team son!

That day we met some other guys testing Easykart which then Dad bought for me. We signed up with Kart Tek for the next season. Here I am with the novice plates and number 37.

My first ever race was at Whilton Mill, joining the Kart Tek team. Unfortunately practice day didn't go too well as I flipped the kart upside down and ended the day with a sore neck and lots of bruises. I turned up for race day though, bruises and all but the session was cancelled due to snow. The team weren't sure if I'd be back but I was and I was back to win!

We used Commer engines at Whilton byt soon realised that racing once a month wasn't enough as progress seemed slow. So we starting racing at Rissington too and I won second time out! Then I won at Whilton and winning quickly became a habit. Winning felt good.

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